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28 september 2016, 21:16
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11 januare 2018, 09:32
Ive been told by a number of watch repair people that they prefer working on Rolex movements for being simple and easy to get parts for. Rolex does a good job at making a world-class mass produced movement and watch. Just got word that the new Rolesor (mix of steel and gold) Rolex Submariner watch pictures will, in fact, have the glidelock deployments of the new DeepSea Sea-Dweller watches. Good news! It was just a few years ago that Rolex finally got rid of the outer pin holes on the lugs. I really hated some of the older bracelet deployments, but with the new system of the DeepSea Sea-Dweller, Rolex proved that if it put its mind to it, it could come up with the best bracelet deployment in the industry. As stated above, the new Rolex Submariner watches will indeed have a much upgraded bracelet in comparison to the outgoing models. - Ed.