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IPA Pronunciation
15 oktober 2017, 06:22
Hello everyone,

My name is Kevin. I have great interest in the Antwerpian dialect and wish to help protect it. I run a YouTube channel where I give awareness to not so well known Germanic dialects and languages. I am having trouble with pronunciation. Could someone please give me the IPA symbols for Antwerpian?

Thank you,
24 september 2018, 17:15
Ik heb een vergelijkbare vraag:

Ik heb gehoord dat Antwerps 5 A's kent, en ik wil weten welke

met geluidsbestanden
IPA tekens

Kan ik dat terugvinden in het boek?
Ik ga zeker is naar de Standaard.



I have a similar question: I have heard the Antwerpian knows 5 A's
I would like to know which ones
with soundfiles
IPA symbols
some explanation
Can I find that in the book?
I will certainly go to the bookstore Standaard.
24 september 2018, 17:27

I found something! Wikipedia! Perhaps you should take this through google translate and obtain this result:

a kat kát kat "kat" As the General Dutch AA, but only briefly.
ɑ bal bal bal "bal" As in the AN. Variant of the above for a l.
aː Aentwaerpe Aantwaarpe Aantwaarepe "Antwerpen" More forward than the Dutch AA; like the French a, but then long.
vrou vraa vraa "vrouw" For etymological reasons, Antwerp's writing always plays au or ou that in the AN is also the case.
ɒː baard board baord "baard"
ə gevang geváng gevang "gevangenis"
e eps éps (h)eps "ham (hesp)" Closer than the Dutch short e, sounds more like the e in the English bed.
ɛ bel bèl bel "bel" Slightly more open variant for a l. Sounds like the AN short e.
ɛː Meer Mèèr Meer "Meir" Sounds like the ai in ordinary.
i frit friet frit "friet, patat" The sound is the same as the ie in the AN, but the phoneme corresponds to the Standard Dutch i. The closed, sharp pronunciation of the short one is often heard in the AN van Antwerpenaren.
ɪː kieke kiêke kieke "kip" The long one sounds just a bit more open than in the AN.
o kot kót kot "kamer, kot" The short o sounds slightly more closed in Antwerp than in the AN.
oː school schóól school "school" As in the AN, but not with reference as in Northern Netherlands.
ø störm stùrm sturm "storm" Slightly more open than the Dutch short you, rather as a shortened eu.
œː keuning kèùnieng keuning "koning" Slightly more open than the Dutch eu, as the vowel in the French soeur.
u poep poep poep "pop"
uː póep poêp poep "kont, achterste (poep)" Longer than the AN oe.
y bus buus bus "(auto)bus" Sounds like the AN uu, but corresponds to the Dutch short u.
yː vruug vruûg vruug "vroeg" The uu is always long, as in the AN fire.
au oud oud oud "oud" For a [t] the au / ou is just as pronounced as in the AN. For the other positions see above at the [aː].
æə lawijt lawaait lawaat "lawaai" Goes on the side of a stroke or aa, depending on the speaker.
eə peêrd peeërd peerd "paard"
iə miêr mieër miër "meer" (bijwoord)
oə ajuin ajoin ajoin "ui (ajuin)".
uə groêt groeët groët "groot".